From June to January

Last June, I took a week-long ministry class in Tennessee. It was a really good week, where we talked about current trends in ministry (who wouldn’t be excited by that?). But it was a good week even beyond the class. For that week, I roomed with a friend of mine. It gave us an opportunity to talk, commiserate, encourage each other, and laugh together.

At some point during the week, as my friend and I talked, out of the blue I asked him: Would you ever consider coming on staff at Fern Creek Christian? It was a “what-if” question for a position that didn’t exist.

Or so I thought. The next month, I found out that our staff was changing, and the month after that, my role changed. All of this opened up a position on staff for someone to join us in the area of discipleship. Cue: the friend I talked with last June. His name is Rich Teske, and he will be with us at Fern Creek on Wednesday, January 22. He will be here to speak for our 6:30 midweek study, and to talk further with our elders about the role of discipleship minister.

I hope you’ll join us January 22. Even if you are not a regular Wednesday night person — that’s ok; join us anyway. It will give you a chance to hear from Rich, and meet him, his wife Connie, and their son Isaac. For over 20 years, Rich has served as the director of Reach Out on Campus — a ministry at Ohio University in Athens.

I am excited about what Rich would bring to our church, and to our ability to help people grow to become more like Jesus. It’s why I first talked with him last June; it’s why we are talking with him now.


Welcome to my blog. I'm Jeff Dye -- a follower of Jesus, a husband and dad, and lead minister at Fern Creek Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. In other words, I am a learner --and hope to be each day I am given breath. I will use this site to share my thoughts on faith and life, some of it through the lens of what is happening with the church family at Fern Creek. If you're interested, feel free to read over my shoulder.

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