In this week’s post, I have included two pictures. The first is of a snowman my kids built during one (of the many) winter storms we’ve had this year. He apparently fell over on his own, and if you look closely, you’ll see his gloved “arm” held up in the air — as if to say: Little help, here!

If a snowman is asking for help this winter, then how about those of us who aren’t snow-people? We, too, are asking: Little help, here! It’s February. Is a 40 degree day too much to ask?

So, to help you get ready for what’s coming, I have also included a picture below from last month; when my wife and I were at the beach in southern California last month. I include the picture for at least three reasons:

  1. We were in SoCal in January!
  2. You weren’t. And I’m sorry for you. I really am.
  3. Since this has been the craziest winter most of us can remember, maybe looking at this picture of me and Kim at the beach will make you feel warmer. Maybe. Or maybe just jealous.


But really, there is nothing like a reminder that how things are now (ice, cold, power outages, frozen car doors) is not how they will always be. Change in the weather is coming. We can’t get the beach to Louisville, but eventually we will get the warmth. Hang in there. It’s coming. I promise.

But even more exciting than warmer weather is what is coming at Fern Creek Christian. On February 23, we will unveil our church’s clarified vision and values. They won’t be new as much as renewed — an opportunity for us to focus on where we are going, and why. So, I hope you will make sure to be with us Sunday, February 23, for what is coming next.

And who knows, maybe the weather will have changed by then — and temps will actually be higher than the speed limit in your subdivision.


3 thoughts on “Ready for what’s next?

  1. This one made me laugh and as one who notices the little things, I love your sunny California picture–especially the barbed wire on the far left! Was Kim bailing you out of jail?

  2. Dang, Mike, I should have cropped the picture. And maybe photo-shopped the long sleeves out. But, Pat, I was still wearing shorts.

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