I received a letter last month from a woman who had recently begun attending our church. She and her husband felt challenged to reach outside themselves, and befriend someone new. So, one day, they are eating at a local fast food restaurant, and they meet a server there. A conversation starts, and leads to a relationship. The couple from our church finds themselves adopting the server and his family for Christmas. They help him find a better job. He joins them for church. His heart is opened, and he experiences God in new ways.

All because a couple didn’t simply see a guy taking their order; they saw a person. And they reached out to him. And God used their faith, their courage, and their willingness to make a difference for him and his family.

I wonder how many people we cross paths with would be open to God’s love if we had eyes to see their need? I wonder how many times we miss seeing people God wants to touch through us?

At Fern Creek Christian, we are striving to be a church that lives and loves like Jesus. This means we are a people of grace and truth who share life and engage our world. Engaging our world is often as simple as lifting up our eyes to see those around us.

engaging our world

This week, let me challenge you to take time for someone whom you would normally walk past or even avoid. Perhaps it’s a neighbor or a co-worker or someone who sits next to you at school. Or maybe it’s the woman who delivers your mail or the person who takes your money at Kroger or a guy who takes your order at McDonald’s.

Who knows? It might mean that when you stop off for a bite to eat, along with your fish sandwich and fries, God brings someone new into your life. Someone who sees Jesus in you.


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