Two weeks ago, I gave the first half of my top ten list of lessons learned on our Student Ministry’s recent trip out east. Since I know that David Letterman is waiting on me to finish my list so he can use it before he retires, here are the “final four” of my Top Ten Lessons Learned during Spring Break 2014 (see the first six here):

My girls on the NYC subway
My girls on the NYC subway

4. There is no place like New York. Where else can you ride a ferry (for free) past the Statue of Liberty? Or join more than a million people who ride the subway every day? Or see the Tiffany Diamond? Or a Broadway play? Or hear 800 languages? Or gawk like a total tourist in Times Square?

3. You really can run into famous people randomly in New York. Well, if seeing someone get in a car constitutes “running into” them. On our way in to gawk at the Plaza Hotel, we saw Alec Baldwin getting into a car. You’ll have to trust me that we really saw him, because the best we got was a picture of his hand closing the door of his car.

Alec Baldwin’s hand

2. There is no place like Washington, DC. I love stepping off the metro station and standing on the National Mall, with all that history and culture (and yes, even politics), all within eyesight and a brisk walk. Every American should visit Washington. All expenses paid. Perhaps there’s a government program for that….

20140403_1326471. It’s great to serve. Our group got our hands dirty painting, cleaning out a vacant lot, planting, painting, “yarn-bombing,” raking, pressure-washing, and learning to be ready for anything. After all, isn’t that what a servant’s heart looks like?

I’m grateful for the opportunity to take this trip, and spend time serving with students from our church, and the adults who gave a week to serve with them. Wherever we are — NYC, DC, or Louisville; at home, school, work, or church — let’s carry a servant’s heart, and hands, with us. After all, serving isn’t about a one-week trip, or a special occasion — serving is a lifestyle.


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