As anyone who has iTunes knows, the newest album from U2 was automatically added, for free, to users “purchased” folder. With no effort, and no cost, Songs of Innocence was just … there.

Some people complained. Others critiqued the music. As for me, I was just glad I could figure out where the songs were, and how to move them to my iTunes playlist. It took me and my non-Apple-programmed mind a bit longer than it should have. While others were worried about Big Brother, I was happy just to find the songs.

For I learned a long time ago how important music is to me. It lifts me up when I’m down. It makes me smile. It makes me think. It reminds me what I believe. It reminds me that I am human.

I think that’s what the best art does. It reminds us who we are. Whether it’s music, or movies, or poetry, or a great story – the best art tunes us into the truth about us. And sometimes that comes packaged in Christian content, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I am challenged by a Christian book, and sometimes I am gripped by a Hollywood movie. Or a song by U2. Or Dave Brubeck. Or Mat Kearney.

The list goes on. But in the interest of claiming my little piece of the blogosphere for music that I think is essential for the human journey (and the journey of faith), here are the top five groups I want spinning on my playlist:

  1. Lost Dogs. My all-time favorite band. Simply the best story-telling in music I know.
  2. The 77s. If you stick me on a deserted island with only a cassette player and one cassette, I’d bring along Sticks & Stones. (And yes, I still do have the cassette version of this album.) And If I had landed on that island because of my own stupidity, I would be able to listen to God Sends Quails over and over – my favorite song about failure. (Hmmm, is it okay to have a favorite “failure” song?)
  3. Nickel Creek. Bringing bluegrass into the 21st century, one smooth mandolin lick at a time.
  4. The Call. If you’ve never heard of these guys, give a listen to “I Still Believe.” And keep believin’.
  5. Over the Rhine. What a voice. What an album. And what a nice rendition of the best song on that album.

Anyway, those are some of the musicians and songs that keep me going. Any that you would add?


One thought on “Music That Keeps Me Going

  1. Dawes – A Little Bit of Everything
    Josh Garrels – SISU , Zion and Babylon
    Amos Lee -Street Corner Preacher
    The Avett Brothers – Paul Newman vs The Demons

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