Why? It’s a question we start asking when we are toddlers. It’s a question parents of toddlers struggle to answer. But do we ever stop asking “Why?” And do we ever really feel like we have a perfect answer to that question?

I think it’s very important to ask the question. For without “why,” we lose track of purpose. And direction. And meaning.

This Sunday, and next, at the church where I serve, we are going to wrestle with the “Why” question. We will ask the question a number of ways, but all the questions will boil down to this one: “Why church?”

I have my thoughts (of course), but I’ll share them at Fern Creek Christian. So, let me give some space to answers I have received from some of my friends. I asked some of them, “Why church?” – and here’s some of what I heard:

“To me, church isn’t something I may or may not participate in each week. We (followers of Christ) ARE the church. We are the living representation of Jesus on earth. To me, meeting as a group of believers is vital to fill this role. Not only am I filled and renewed spiritually each week when I meet with other believers, but I am challenged every week to become more like Christ in some way. I am reminded every week that it is not about me. It is about Christ and the sacrifice He made for me. I am reminded every week that my primary job on this earth is to glorify Him and to show others His love. Without these reminders, without discussion with other believers, without support and the love of others, I cannot fulfill this role. I need all the help and support I can get!  To me, church is a part of who I am.” (Nicole)

“It is doing community together; it is living life side by side with our ups and downs and all the messy stuff that goes along with it. You can be real, and not be judged. He speaks to me daily, but when at church I feel the Holy Spirit’s presence more, because folks are living and loving like Jesus.” (Yvonne)

“For me, it’s a quiet time for me to put the earthly world with all its problems to the side.  To come and praise Him, hear His message and to be reminded of what’s really important and to learn how to apply God’s word to my everyday life. It’s a support and a place to bring needs. (It) is a reminder that ‘all is not lost’ in the world.” (Stephanie)

Or, as Rob put it, “Why church?” can also be summarized with one word: “Family.” For in Christ, that’s what we are.

So, how about you? How do you answer the question: Why church?


One thought on “Why Church?

  1. “I am reminded every week that my primary job on this earth is to glorify Him and to show others His love.” That is great!

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