Last Thursday, I stood on the platform in our church sanctuary and welcomed about 300 people to our church. Of that number, I knew maybe only 15 of them. The rest had probably never been in our building before — and most would probably not be again. And yet, it was one of the coolest things we do as a church. What was it?

Senior Honors Night for Fern Creek High School. This was the second year we have hosted them, and what a thrill it was to have students, parents, and staff from our neighboring high school join us for their special night.

Before the night started, the principal came up and said thank you, commenting that our auditorium is more comfortable and functional than the space they would have used. And while I know his gratitude is sincere, and I appreciate him saying so, the truth is: we are the ones who are grateful. What a privilege to be able to bless FCHS and their families in such a tangible way.

Next month, our church celebrates its 50th anniversary. And I look forward to celebrating that (more on this next week). But 50 years is not a reason to sit back and simply celebrate; instead, it is a reminder of why we are here. To be a blessing. To show the love of God in tangible ways. And to be not simply a church in our community, but for our community.

Packing blessing bags for Fern Creek High School
Packing blessing bags for Fern Creek High School

FCHS senior night was a great start to a week of serving that we have challenged our church to undertake. Yesterday afternoon, our church folks gave out free lemonade and balloons around Fern Creek. Tomorrow, a couple of our life groups will feed some local police officers. And last night, a bunch of people were in the same sanctuary where the FCHS staff gathered to honor their seniors — and we packed bags of goodies to say thank you to them, and all they do for the students at FCHS.

20150520_185737And all that we are giving away is going out with a simple label: #forferncreek. It says who we are, who we have been for 50 years — and who we want to be for as many more years as God gives us: a church that doesn’t simply carry the name of Fern Creek, or happen to meet in Fern Creek — but is a church that is FOR Fern Creek.


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