My son loves roller coasters. LOVES them. When he was younger, he kept a three-ring binder full of facts about roller coasters found in amusement parks all over the country — some of which he has never ridden. He is 14 now, and summertime still is basically measured by amusement parks visited.

You know those brochure racks that they have at rest stops and in hotel lobbies? Even today, I still find myself looking at them to see if there is a new brochure for a thrill park, one I can grab and take home to my son.

About to go over the hill on another coaster (2009)
About to go over the hill on a coaster at Six Flags in Maryland (2009)

See, here’s the thing about roller coasters. No matter how scary they look, my son gets on with hardly a thought — because he just assumes that the coaster designers, and the maintainers, and the testers have all done their job. He just figures that they have built it right, kept it running right, and tested it right before he got there — and everything is good to go. So, he gets right on.

Now, you may not like to ride coasters. The truth is, I don’t either. But every one of us does hundreds of similar things, everyday — that is, we decide to trust someone, something, somewhere. With every bite you put in your mouth, or drink you swallow, you are trusting that all along the food chain, people did their job to make sure that what you are now ingesting will provide life to your body, and not death. In either case, the point is: you live a life of faith. One that never has all the answers, but one that knows enough to trust what you do know.

I wonder: how many people have failed to trust their lives to God because of what they don’t know? How many see faith as too uncertain, too hard to pin down in this science-y age we now live in? But the truth is, faith isn’t optional. It’s essential. Life itself is an act of faith.

The question: is what I am putting my faith in, worthy of my faith? If you are going to live a life of faith (and you are, right now), then make sure the object of your faith is worth it. Is worth everything.

At Fern Creek Christian where I serve, this Sunday I am going to challenge folks to make a decision. To choose a life of faith in the One who, as 1 John 4.7 puts it, came so that we might live through him. For some, that means it is time to surrender to Jesus in baptism. For others, it is time to say: this is my church family. I am fully on-board to grow with, serve with, and love through this family.

There comes a time in all of our lives when we don’t simply passively live a life of faith — where we don’t simply assume that life will work out, but where we choose to trust something, Someone, who is worthy of ALL of our faith.

So, how about you? Have you put all your faith in Jesus? And are you fully on-board with His family, the Church?


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