Voices from the Past 50 Years

This past Sunday, we celebrated 50 years of faith and love at Fern Creek Christian Church. It was a lot of fun! If you missed it, check our website, where we should have videos from that day. You can also check out these videos from two young men who grew up in our church, and are now studying and serving in ministry.

I also didn’t get a chance to share words of encouragement from some former ministers who served at Fern Creek during the past 50 years. So, let me step aside and let them speak in this week’s blog…

Rick Burdette (Senior Minister, 1999-2013)
Friendships aren’t made because people get together for ball games or meals, although I like both. Friendships are knit together in the fabric of life. The dark weavings of pain and struggles mingled with the bright cloth of celebrations and joy. It was the great privilege of the Burdettes to share in both through 14+ years of ministry. And the most beautiful part of God’s knitting of our friendship is the scarlet thread of Jesus Christ which holds it together for eternity. Congratulations on this 50th year of impacting the world for God’s glory.

Dale DeNeal (Associate Minister, 1982-1990)
Church Family, Happy 50th anniversary! You are a great church! Donna and I could not have asked to be part of a more loving and encouraging congregation for our first full-time ministry. Some of our most cherished experiences and memories happened when we were with you. We love you very much. May God continue to richly bless FCCC.

PJ Hardin (Worship Minister, 2007-2011)
Congratulations on celebrating 50 years of service in Christ. I’m so thankful to see God continuing to bless and grow this ministry. Fern Creek Christian is a church that truly continues to live out the Great Commission. For 50 years this church has has been a light in the darkness, and a city on hill for the people of Fern Creek, the Louisville area and all nations. For 50 years you have helped lost people find salvation and saved people to become disciples; from the very young, to the not so young.
Thank you for showing the love of Christ to me and my family. Thank you for helping my children start off in the right direction. Thank you for being a family to our family and sharing life with us. Fern Creek Christian Church will always feel like home to us no matter where the Lord leads.
Congratulations for reaching this milestone and may God continue to bless this church and its ministry.

Bill Stone (Senior Minister, 1983-1989)
Time seems to have flown by since I was your Senior Minister. Those days were full of victories, and challenges, as we strove to build the role of the congregation in the Fern Creek community. Mission growth and leadership development were highlights of that era of ministry.  The congregation took a leadership role in the growth of the Fern Creek – Highview United Ministries. We were also active in the work at White Mills Camp.
As you celebrate this important milestone in the history of the congregation, we pray for your continued faithful witness for Christ in all of your ministry efforts.

Steve Poston (Youth Minister, 1990-2007)
Greetings to our Fern Creek Family! It is with great joy that we remember and speak of our years of sharing life with you. We came to Fern Creek, barely adults, full of hope, enthusiasm, and a little uncertainty about what God would do. Together, we grew in number and spirit. You loved and nurtured our family through various seasons of life over our 17 years with you. We are privileged and blessed beyond words to have had the privilege to call you our family, as we still do today. Much has changed for us and for you since we followed God’s leading to “the mission field of Ohio”, but one thing has not – our love for you and and joy in remembering life shared with you. May you continue to be bold in loving greatly, living gracefully, and sharing the great hope of Jesus with the community there and as God leads you around the world. We look forward with great anticipation to the next time we can be with you and even more so to the day that we worship with you before the throne of our beloved Father in Heaven.

Mark Jones (Senior Minister, 1989-1995)
I am praising God today for the impact you have had in Fern Creek for five decades. God’s light has shined brightly and many people have come to know Jesus in a life-changing way. I pray that you will keep loving the Lord, loving your neighbors, loving the lost. In Acts 20:24, the Apostle Paul said, “I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me–the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.” May each of our lives be a testimony to God’s amazing grace. Thanks for letting Gail and me be a part of your great legacy! We love you and pray for you regularly.

7 Things to Know in preparation for our 50th

On Sunday at 10am, we will celebrate our church’s 50th anniversary. I hope you’re planning to join us. If you are, here are 7 things you need to know in advance of our big day:

  1. Come ready to celebrate! We will spend some time giving thanks to God for His faithfulness, and honoring those who have helped us live and love like Jesus for 50 years. There will be memories, laughter, and people to thank. And then the celebration will continue outside, as we eat, share, play, talk, and continue the celebration.
  2. Come ready to anticipate! Part of the benefit of looking back is that it reminds us who we are — and points us forward to God’s continued call to us as a church. We are confident that God has much more in store for us, and Sunday we will spend some time talking about that.
  3. Plan your driving. With one service, parking will be a challenge. Here are two key ways you can help with this: 1) Get everybody in your house into one car. 2) If possible, park at the lot at Fern Creek Elementary School (the one right next to the Fern Creek football field). Click this link and zoom in to see exactly where to park. We will have a shuttle bus running between church and FC Elementary, 8:45-9:45am, and then again from 2-3pm.
  4. Dress comfortably. It’s a picnic, so come ready to enjoy time as a church family.
  5. Bring the “three S’s” with you — two sides (or a side & a dessert), serving spoons for your sides, and sling chairs for all your family. There will be limited seating inside for those who aren’t able to eat outside.
  6. Oh, and bring one more thing: Flexibility. Between parking, and seating in our sanctuary, and the number of people who will be going through the food line, there will be a lot happening on Sunday. Be patient, flexible, and joyful as we celebrate together.
  7. Think about how our church has impacted your life. There will be a huge timeline you can write on, and we will also ask you to write notes to put inside a time capsule. Both will be an opportunity for you to describe how Fern Creek Christian has been a part of your faith and your life.

I’m looking forward to our time together this weekend. Let’s come together to celebrate, anticipate, and continue being the church family God has called us to be. See you Sunday!

Too Busy to Love?

I was at a graduation party the other day for a neighbor. They live three doors down, and so I walked down and hung out with them in their backyard. At one point, some other neighbors came by — a young married couple. They have lived near me for four years, and yet I had only met the woman once — and her husband, never. We talked for a little while before I headed home. I learned later that week that they were moving.

It took me four years to meet him, and the day after he meets me, he takes a job that will move him out of town. Was it something I said?

But really, it reminds me how easy it is to go about my daily, busy, church-y life, and not spend time getting to know the people around me. Where they can almost move in and out without me even meeting them. Is this really how I should be spending my life? Should I really be so busy at church and at life that I miss life with those around me?

When Jesus & Paul & James told us we are to love our neighbor — this surely includes those who live nearest to us. Shouldn’t living out the whole purpose of the law (loving God, loving neighbor) at the very least include those who I can see when I step out onto my porch? And shouldn’t I (me, a “minister”) be concerned if my life is so busy that I am too busy to spend time loving my literal neighbors?

You see, following Jesus is not really all the complicated. It’s not easy, that’s for sure. But it’s not complicated. For it really comes down to this: when my heart is turned toward God, it is then naturally and regularly turned toward my neighbor.

I am sitting on my porch as I finish typing these words. Behind our house are new neighbors I haven’t met yet. New folks are moving in any day now to my left. Across the street are brand new folks, too. And to my right is a family from another country. And as I think about all the new folks that live around me, I want this summer to be a summer of getting to know my neighbors — and learning to love my neighbors.

So, when you step out onto your porch, who do you see? Do you know them? Maybe, like me, it’s time to de-clutter your life so you can more effectively love your neighbors — those who are literally just a few steps away.