On Sunday at 10am, we will celebrate our church’s 50th anniversary. I hope you’re planning to join us. If you are, here are 7 things you need to know in advance of our big day:

  1. Come ready to celebrate! We will spend some time giving thanks to God for His faithfulness, and honoring those who have helped us live and love like Jesus for 50 years. There will be memories, laughter, and people to thank. And then the celebration will continue outside, as we eat, share, play, talk, and continue the celebration.
  2. Come ready to anticipate! Part of the benefit of looking back is that it reminds us who we are — and points us forward to God’s continued call to us as a church. We are confident that God has much more in store for us, and Sunday we will spend some time talking about that.
  3. Plan your driving. With one service, parking will be a challenge. Here are two key ways you can help with this: 1) Get everybody in your house into one car. 2) If possible, park at the lot at Fern Creek Elementary School (the one right next to the Fern Creek football field). Click this link and zoom in to see exactly where to park. We will have a shuttle bus running between church and FC Elementary, 8:45-9:45am, and then again from 2-3pm.
  4. Dress comfortably. It’s a picnic, so come ready to enjoy time as a church family.
  5. Bring the “three S’s” with you — two sides (or a side & a dessert), serving spoons for your sides, and sling chairs for all your family. There will be limited seating inside for those who aren’t able to eat outside.
  6. Oh, and bring one more thing: Flexibility. Between parking, and seating in our sanctuary, and the number of people who will be going through the food line, there will be a lot happening on Sunday. Be patient, flexible, and joyful as we celebrate together.
  7. Think about how our church has impacted your life. There will be a huge timeline you can write on, and we will also ask you to write notes to put inside a time capsule. Both will be an opportunity for you to describe how Fern Creek Christian has been a part of your faith and your life.

I’m looking forward to our time together this weekend. Let’s come together to celebrate, anticipate, and continue being the church family God has called us to be. See you Sunday!


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