This week, let me share with you five different things, all connected by one thread: What It Means to Be the Church, and ways Fern Creek is trying to do that.

1. Let me update you on our search for a children’s minister: We are making progress, and hope to announce something soon. Very soon. Wish I could say more. But I will. Soon. Very soon.

2. Sunday I shared the story of Dr. Stephen Foster. An amazing story. And while not everyone can be Dr. Foster, we all have something to learn from him. About faith. And our world. And what faith looks like in our world. Let’s continue to be a church, and a people, who live out our faith wherever we are.

3. Which leads me to my next thing: in my blog last week, I addressed the same-sex marriage decision handed down by the Supreme Court. In that blog, I listed a number of other resources. Let me add one more that was passed on by a friend. You can find it here. And when you read it, you’ll hear what the author thinks is a bigger issue in the church than same-sex marriage. (Hint: it’s pretty destructive; and it is something way too many folks take part in.)

20150707_2022454. We had a great Vacation Bible School. Thanks to Denise Powell and our team of folks for all their hard work. Over to the side, I’ve included a picture from that week.

5. Finally, this Sunday is our Commitment Sunday. It’s a real opportunity for all of us to take a step of faith, as we ask God how he would use our giving to help our church step into our next season of ministry. I am praying for you, that God will use this week, leading up to Sunday, as a spiritual experience. If you missed this past Sunday — or if you want to hear it again — listen to what I shared about our “50 & Forward” giving challenge. It’s the message titled “Don’t Invite Your Mother-in-Law to Dinner.” My thoughts about the giving challenge are toward the end of the message. Or, listen to the first half of the message to see what my deal is with mothers-in-law.



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