I believe in prayer. That doesn’t mean I’m very good at it. Or that I have it all figured out. Far from it.

But I believe in prayer precisely because I’m NOT very good at it. I believe in prayer because it reminds me how desperately I need God’s grace. Because I am not very good at prayer — or, for that matter, much of anything — it throws me back onto the grace of God that meets me where I am.

In fact, recognizing you’re not very good at prayer is, I believe, itself a form of prayer. Giving voice to our weaknesses is a part of prayer; in fact, I would say it is what prayer is all about. For coming to God begins by acknowledging I don’t got this. And I sure as heck can’t figure it out on my own.

So I pray. Feebly. Weakly. Stammering, even. Sometimes with groans; sometimes with giggles. But always recognizing I’m desperately, completely, totally, stunningly in need of grace.

So, over the next five weeks at Fern Creek Christian, we are going to wrestle with prayer. We’ll talk about it. We’ll learn about it. But most of all, we’ll pray. For none of us has it figured out, but ALL of us need it. And it begins with these simple words: God, I don’t have this figured out. There is so much about (my) life that I don’t understand; can’t change; can’t fix. So I come. To You. I need You. Can You meet me where I am?

And the amazing thing about prayer is: He does.


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