This Sunday, we begin a series at Fern Creek I’m calling “His Story,” which will be an opportunity for us to jump into the story of the Bible. As we do, I will be blogging along as we work our way through the Bible. But before I do, let me mention some ways that you can be a part of this series:

  1. Read along with us as we read through the Bible. We will be tackling His Story in at least three “acts.” We will share in Act 1, “God Makes a Family,” during October & November. Find the reading plan here.
  2. Memorize a key Bible passage each week. Memory verses are also listed on the reading plan.
  3. Invite someone to join you. Find a friend, or a fellow seeker, who is willing to read through the Bible passages at the same time as you. Encourage and challenge each other through text, email, calls, facebook messages, or face-to-face gatherings. Ask each other questions like: What did you learn? What do you think it means to us today? What are you going to do with what you’ve learned? 
  4. Involve your kids. Each week’s reading plan includes four key chapters new readers can use, giving them access to some of the key ideas from that week’s reading. Or, if you have preschool children, you might consider telling them key stories from what you have read, presented in simple form as a bedtime story. (This is a great way to help you remember and reflect on the key points of the story.) Or, you can use a kids Bible like this one — though, like most preschool Bibles, it only includes the main stories of Scripture.
  5. Download the Youversion Bible app. Youversion is a wonderful app for your smartphone that puts the Bible at your fingertips. It has numerous languages, and a bunch of English versions of the Bible — many of which you can read, or listen to. And, we will post stuff directly to our church’s Youversion page that applies to each week’s message. Did I mention that it’s free? If you are joining us through this series, and you use a smartphone or tablet, click here to get Youversion.

But the key idea is for us to get to know the Bible — ALL of it, so that we can find ourselves in The Greatest Story Ever Told. And this Sunday at Fern Creek, we will begin by looking at the overall picture — what I am calling “The Wholy Bible.”

There are a number of ways to summarize Scripture. Jesus gave this summary. Also, Jesus is the summary. But another way to get our arms around the story of the Bible is found in the following video. It’s simple enough to summarize the Bible in a way even young folks can understand, but deep enough to cover the spectrum of Scripture from front to back. (Though, I will say, there is one more circle I will add. Join me Sunday to find out what that is.)


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