In his book, The Prism and the Rainbow, Joel Martin points out that there are two ways to look at rainbows. One is based in Genesis (where rainbows are a promise from God), and the other is based in science (where the rainbow is a refraction of light through water).

Which one is right? Well, both are, aren’t they? Both seek to answer the question, What is a rainbow? One answers through the lens of science; the other through the lens of faith.

This reminds me that, while many folks try to pit Science and Religion against each other, there doesn’t have to be a war. As Christians, we don’t have to pick one, and plead ignorance about the other. As someone has said: the Bible and Nature are the two books of God. Both reveal God’s handiwork, in different ways. Psalm 19.1 says that “the heavens declare the glory of God.” Later, in verse 8, Psalm tells us that “the precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart.” One Psalm, pointing to two books, which help point us to God, and life.

This morning, I took a walk in the Parklands of Floyd Fork. It’s the new(ish) park on the

Beckley Creek Park @ The Parklands

eastern end of Louisville. It has quickly become my new favorite place. As I walked along Floyds Fork, I noticed the rushing waters – the result of the heavy rain we’ve been getting. I came across a turtle, perhaps enjoying a moment of quiet away from the fast-moving creek. And I stood alongside a field of reeds covered with spider webs. It was truly awesome (a word sorely overused, but very fitting when it comes to God’s creation).

Death Valley, CA

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to be in California, where my family and I went through Death Valley. The hottest place on earth, we found, is also a place of amazing barren beauty. Through mostly browns, beiges, and grays – far different than the verdant green of the Parklands – God’s hand is still evident in stunning ways.

God’s beauty is everywhere. In The Book. And in Creation. So, turn off the TV. Put down your smart phone. Grab your dog, or your kids, or just your walking shoes, and take a stroll at the Parklands. Or some other place of creative beauty. And give thanks to the God who chooses to reveal Himself in words, and in wilderness.


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