I had such a great response to my first post on mistakes, that I just had to do another post.1

From my friend LuAnn: “I just seen the coyote this morning leaving for work towards the front of the subdivision.”2

From my friend Robin: “I have a church cookbook from one of the very small churches I went to as a child. It’s FULL of mistakes. My favorite is a cake or cookie recipe submitted by Fay McEwen – but her name is printed as Fat McEwen.”3

This headline from the covid archives (4/23/20): “NYPD officers applaud doctors, nurses who battled coronavirus as they leave NYC.”4

From a column at stltoday.com: “Central Florida AD Danny White even floated the notion of federal and state assistance in comments made to the Orlando Sentinel.”5


1The real truth: 2 people texted me, one made a comment, and I wanted to share more stuff, anyway.

2Posted on her neighborhood’s facebook page. Ok. I’m fine if some employer wants to hire a coyote; that’s their business. Just tell me the coyote didn’t get a stimulus check.

3Well, of course. You eat everyday using recipes from a church cookbook, and that’s what happens.

4Can you blame them? At the time, battling covid while leaving NYC probably made the most sense.

5Finally! I can get federal and state funding for all my comments? All I have to do is sent them to the Orlando Sentinel? Prepare to be inundated with email, o Land of Mickey!


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