This sign, seen on a recent trip to New Orleasn:

And these things that I wonder:

  1. Why does Major League Baseball play a 162-game season, only to have 4 teams face sudden elimination in only one game? I wonder: why don’t they make the Wild Card a three-game miniseries? No team would be able to rely on one hot pitcher, each team could host at least one game, and they’d make more money (which, after all, is certainly what matters most).
  2. I wonder: Why is it that the smaller the dog, the more they seem to bark?
  3. I get it that some drivers are going to pull out in front of me but I wonder: Why do some of them pull out, and then go so slow? If you’re going to cut me off, at least get out there and GO.
  4. I’m helping teach a class at my church on C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. I wonder: where would we be if Lewis had died in World War 1 — or had never come to Christ? How much weaker would literature be? How many others wouldn’t have come to faith? If we didn’t have Lewis, would we even know what we’re missing?
  5. While in New Orleans, my wife and I visited one of New Orleans’ famed above-ground cemeteries. I get why they need to be “top-side,” due to flooding — but I wonder: why do they need to have steps? (See picture below, and please: give me an answer if you know.)
A New Orleans grave – with stairs, and a great name, too

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