This handmade sign does have a point. To be healthy, relationships have to be “real.”

Things I wonder:

It seems like every third building going up is a storage unit. I wonder: Do we as Americans really have that much junk that won’t fit in our houses?

Sen. Ben Sasse says that one of the things that is odd about our culture, as compared to the rest of human history, is how much time young people spend with others their age. While it’s great to have friends your age in school, church, and the neighborhood, I wonder: what are our kids missing by so often segregating by age?

When you get unflavored carbonated water, and it sits for a long time, I wonder: does it become flat water, or just water?

Why do people rush to get on a plane so that they can sit even longer in a cramped space with no leg room? Is it because if there’s a line, we’ve got to be at the front of it? Is it because we have to get to the next thing as soon as possible?


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