With the new year upon us, I’m thinking about things I want to do this year. These aren’t hard core resolutions or goals (though maybe they should be) — but they are reminders of what I want to be and do in 2022.

This year, I want to…
1. Remember who I am – especially when I don’t feel like it.
2. Be grateful – especially when things get difficult. So, when traffic is bad & road construction seems never-ending, instead of focusing on the frustration, I want to remember: I have a car. I have more than one car. My car keeps me warm in winter and cool in summer. I can listen to music or podcasts or pray while stuck in traffic. I live in a country that cares about road construction and traffic safety. And one day, eventually, the Gene Snyder will be 3 lanes each way.
3. Get back to exercising.
4. Remember that everyone has baggage. Everyone I meet is carrying something, and they aren’t always good at dealing with it, which sometimes spills out on others. I might be one of those “others.” I want to show grace anyway…
5. …because I have my baggage, and I’m not always good at dealing with it, either. So, this year, I want to see my stuff more clearly, continue to give it to God, and receive His grace in the midst of it.
6. And, while I’m at, I sure would like to get better at dealing with people who don’t see life the way I do.
7. Get a new phone. I think mine has a rotary dial operating system in a 5G world.
8. Keep learning – and do more with it than I’m doing now.
9. Love my family well, and have the wisdom to know what that looks like.
10. Eat just the right amount of ice cream – not too much, but certainly not too little.
11. Clean up the basement.
12. Go on a hiking/camping trip.
13. Memorize the U.S. presidents, in order. Just because.

That’s my “I want to” list. What’s yours?


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