I’m Jeff Dye. After 16 years on staff at a healthy, outreach-minded church, I currently have a ministry called The Paraklesis Project. In the New Testament, “paraklesis” means encouragement — which is what I seek to bring to churches of all sizes through speaking and consulting. Ministries I can provide your church, include:

  • Visiting on a Sunday as an unknown guest, to assess how a church is doing in sharing its vision and reaching visitors. I then provide a report to church leadership, and can also share a follow-up sermon with the entire congregation.
  • I am also available to preach on any biblical topic. I specialize in helping listeners understand how the parts of the Bible fit into the whole, and how the whole of the Bible then applies to all the parts of their lives.
  • Leadership retreats. I have worked in leadership development for years, and would love to come and share encouragement with your elders, deacons, or staff.
  • My dry sense of humor is also a great fit at more casual gatherings, such as a “couples night out,” a men’s gathering, or any other lighthearted, laugh-filled opportunity you’d like to schedule.

To discuss any of these opportunities, contact me at gulpinggrace(at)gmail(dot)com.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your very “real” talk. For reaching me, someone who feels unreachable most days. Thank you for the uplifting humor you use to teach. I miss hearing you on Sundays. I’m glad to have this blog to hold tight to now. You are a blessing Jeff Dye. A motivator. An encourager. A mentor. A leader. An excellent role model.

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