The Tale of Two Doctors

I have a great doctor. Though I don’t see her very often (which I guess is a good thing), doctor visits aren’t something I dread. She is kind, thoughtful, and takes time with me. She genuinely cares how I am doing.

I haven’t always had a doctor like that. I had one several years back who seemed to be the opposite. I remember¬†going to him with symptoms I couldn’t pinpoint. At one point, apparently frustrated with me, he said, I think it’s just in your head.

I wasn’t very happy with that answer (especially because it turned out not to be true; my head was just fine, thank you). In the end, he just didn’t seem very interested in the (real) needs I was facing.

Two doctors. Two different approaches. Only one who made a difference. Isn’t it amazing how two people can go about their jobs so differently?

But is it any different for you and me? Whatever you do, you have a choice. Will you do it because you have to? Or because you are getting paid? Or simply to get through the day? Or because someone told you? Or because it’s your duty?

Or will you go about your day, your work, your life, doing it wholeheartedly, as if to the Lord?

You see, one approach just gets the job done. The other sees the job as an opportunity to serve – God and whoever He sends our way.

So, which approach to life are you using? Today? Right now? And which approach will make the most difference for others? For that matter, which approach do you think will make the most difference in your life?