Best. Spring Break. Ever.

Spring Break is coming. Which got me to thinking about my favorite spring break. It happened when I was in college. I was 18 or 19.

My friend Brian had grandparents who lived in Florida, and he invited me to go with him to stay at their place. It was a great, in all the right ways. We flew to Ft. Myers — only my second time on an airplane. We enjoyed the sun, the surf, and grandma’s cooking. Then, when it came time to go back to college, we hopped in a Honda Accord that Brian’s grandparents were giving him. And we drove, just the two of us, from Florida to Kentucky. We enjoyed Brian’s new kickin’ car stereo system — complete with a cassette tape deck. And the cassette that got the most playing time as we headed north was from a guy named Tonio K. (Don’t ask; it was offbeat music that fit Brian’s mood, having just gone through a breakup with his girlfriend.)

There’s nothing like having no time schedule, no duties, no responsibilities — and simply sharing the road, and life, with a good friend. There’s just something about such “Florida moments.”

So what happens? We grow up — you can’t stay 18 forever, right? Responsibilities come along. Schedules get full. In other words, life happens. But there’s something about relaxed time with a friend. With nothing to do but think about life, faith, and the occasional heartbreak.

This week, though, I had a “Florida moment,” as I had lunch with a friend. A long lunch. (Our times together tend to last a long time — much longer than the food in front of us.) We laughed together. We talked about challenges we are facing. We listened. We reflected on God’s grace. And we ate.

The bottom line for me: I need “Florida moments.” And so do you. No matter how busy life gets; no matter how many responsibilities you have; no matter how many things just have to get done. Sometimes the most important thing to do is stop. And spend a long time with a good friend. Because I believe that life isn’t really life if it’s not shared with someone who cares for you. (Quirky 80s music optional.)