That’s About Write, 2

A snapshot from today's church bulletin. I don't think I know this song, but I have seen people for whom this song sure fits! In fact, many times I've been preaching as some in the congregation deeply meditated on this tune, head bowed and eyes closed.

That’s About Write

I had such a great response to my first post on mistakes, that I just had to do another post.1 From my friend LuAnn: "I just seen the coyote this morning leaving for work towards the front of the subdivision."2 From my friend Robin: "I have a church cookbook from one of the very small…


“Graeter” Truths

I recently and randomly began helping proof a weekly newsletter sent out by a writer on substack. He had thrown out a request for proofreading help, and I replied. Two other people did the same, and the writer invited the 3 of us to take a look at his work before he sends it out.…